The Highland Literacy Progression – June 2019

The Highland Literacy Progression Framework – Steps to Success was published in 2015. This has been updated in June 2019 to incorporate the Early Level Literacy and English Progression Framework and the CfE Benchmarks for Literacy and English.

The 2019 version of Steps to Success (June 2019) – The Highland Literacy Progression, including the CfE Benchmarks, is available to download by clicking the image above.

The aims of the Progression are to:

  • enhance planning and assessment, using skills, knowledge and understanding
  • provide staff with a framework to promote progression in learning and teaching
  • support moderation and Achievement of a Level as part of the Moderation Cycle.

The document is structured using each of the Literacy and English organisers. These are then sub-divided further using the CfE Experiences and Outcomes. The document details the learner’s progression within and through each of the Levels.

CLICK HERE – Steps to Success – The Highland Literacy Progression – June 2019

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