Media Literacy

moving imageClick on the image above and you’ll find yourself at the Moving Image Education website.  This site has a host of quality video clips that can be used to develop children’s literacy skills. These are great to use and add a little variety to the texts we ask the children to view and think about.

When viewing media with your class, CLICK HERE, and use these questions to form discussion and analysis of the text.

The ‘Screening Shorts’ website is full of ideas and clips which are free for teachers to access when logging in using your Glow username and password.

7 thoughts on “Media Literacy

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  4. idletim

    Please see our web site to see films created by pupils, short films created by us and films for the classroom.We also have a range of free resources to support the analysis and creation of film. Our blog details the Bradford Media Literacy project, now in it’s third year. It is organised by myself, Tim Bleazard and you can see it at

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