The Highland Literacy Progression – Steps to Success

The 2019 version of Steps to Success (June 2019) – The Highland Literacy Progression, including the CfE Benchmarks, is available to download by clicking the image above.

The aims of the Progression are to:

  • enhance planning and assessment, using skills, knowledge and understanding
  • provide staff with a framework to promote progression in learning and teaching
  • support moderation and Achievement of a Level as part of the Moderation Cycle.

The document is structured using each of the Literacy and English organisers. These are then sub-divided further using the CfE Experiences and Outcomes. The document details the learner’s progression within and through each of the Levels.

CLICK HERE – Steps to Success – The Highland Literacy Progression – June 2019

5 thoughts on “The Highland Literacy Progression – Steps to Success

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