Emerging Literacy – Pencil Control Skills

Pencil control concepts are the different aspects which underpin the way in which you hold and manoeuvre the pencil on the page in a purposeful manner. Before children are explicitly taught how to form the letters of the alphabet, it is recommended that they develop the pencil control concepts which underpin handwriting. Teachers in early primary can assess children’s pencil control skills using the pencil control screen and plan for pencil control development using the ideas from this Pencil Control Concepts Toolkit.

CLICK HERE – Pencil Control Screen

CLICK HERE – Pencil Control Screen Accompanying Picture Book

CLICK HERE – Pencil Control Screen Tracker

The pencil control screen can be used with school aged children to identify strengths and gaps in pencil control skills. It is recommended this is completed by the child’s class teacher to help inform their planning of learning, teaching and assessment in pencil control development.

The pencil control screen accompanying picture book should be used alongside the screen.

The pencil control screening tracker can be used to input the information from the pencil control screen at a cohort level, supporting practitioners’ planning of learning, teaching and assessment in pencil control development.

When planning for the learning, teaching and assessment of pencil control concepts, practitioners can use the pencil control toolkit ideas below.

CLICK HERE – Understanding Pencil Control Concepts

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