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Wraparound Spelling

We have been developing some training videos which you can use, either just to watch on your own, or with your class in a kind of on-line team teaching situation.  As I write we have three weeks of lessons, with each week containing a video for days one to four.

There is also one training video for children in P6/7, which is a spelling investigation.  It comes with a pack of activities.  We will continue to add a few more to this group.

If you would like access to these, let me know, and I’ll add you to the shared drive.

Ready to Go Robert Burns Poetry Teaching and Learning Resource

We know how busy you all are, so we are putting together some resources that may help.

The first one is for Burns Day and is based around, ‘A Red, Red Rose’. This is aimed at end of First/Second Level.

It has been created in Google Slides with links to activities on Jamboard, Google Forms, Google Docs and YouTube.

We hope to continue creating these for the duration of lockdown.

Feel free to edit these and use as much of this as you like with your class.

To access the first one, use this link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1PjDYsGTvcZrf1Mx1qNrXw8oiQQ8TFedLgQcdfvo08k4/edit?usp=sharing

Read and Write – Highland Guidance

Here are resource page links for Highland staff using Read and Write –

 1. Teacher page – text.help/highland-teachers

This houses all the resources teachers will need to get to know the toolbar themselves (see the ‘Getting colleagues on board’ section). There are also downloadable resources for teachers to use to spread the word to their students and parents. 

2.  Student/parent page – text.help/highland-students
This page includes links to the home install guides for each platform. Also, there are additional resources for students/parents to learn more about Read&Write.

Training Opportunities

We know that things are far from ‘normal’ in schools but we are here to help! We are still providing regular training sessions. We are here to support you.

All training is listed on the Highland CPD website https://highland.cpdservice.net/

Upcoming training sessions and networks include:

  • Literacy Leaders
  • Developing Literacy – First and Second Level -Reading and Writing
  • Emerging Literacy Network
  • Secondary Teachers – Teaching the Literacy of your Subject

It’s the end of Book Week Scotland!

Where has the week gone? It’s day 5 of Book Week Scotland and the theme this year is the future!

We know you will soon be sharing the Bookbug P1 Family Bags and Read, Write, Count bags if you haven’t already.

Jenny Wilson has created two fabulous writing packs based on the P2 & 3 Read, Write, Count texts – Rocket Mole and Look Up. The writing packs contain detailed lessons plans for whole class reading and writing. Continue the learning beyond this week!

If you would like access to these, please drop Jenny Wilson or Laura McGinlay an email with a note of your gmail address so we can share the resource with you.

Dyslexia Awareness Week (Scotland)

Dyslexia Awareness Week in Scotland will be on 2 – 7 November 2020

Dyslexia Awareness Week this year is all about ‘Unlocking Potential’.  To tie in with coming out of lockdown, the title reflects all the amazing and sometimes unexpected ways that children and adults have adapted to our ‘new normal’, not to mention parents, teachers and others.  It’s not been easy but we have been struck by the resilience shown by so many.

Some ways to support Dyslexia Awareness Week


For those of you who would like an interesting, informative and thought-provoking read, please click the link below.