Developing Communication Skills in Early Learning and Childcare

Speech and Language Therapists across Highland work in collaboration with practitioners in Early Learning and Childcare settings and schools to support adult/ child interactions through the Words Up Early and Words Up Primary Key Messages.

Last session, working with Early Learning and Childcare practitioners in Scottish Attainment Challenge schools, Speech and Language Therapy Assistants supported adult/ child interaction through ongoing coaching, modelling and evaluation.

The report below details the impact of the collaboration on supporting children’s language and communication, a key predictor of children’s later attainment and achievement. As schools consider their Pupil Equity Fund interventions, they may wish to consider the partnership with our local speech and language therapy team in supporting children’s speech, language and communication.

CLICK HERE – Developing Communication Skills in Early Years

Developing Literacy Skills Through IDL and Across Learning

Literacy permeates throughout everything we do both in and out of school. Practitioners can plan for Literacy skills through three different ways:

  • Discrete literacy learning – Developing individual aspects of literacy.

  • Literacy through Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) – Applying and assessing literacy skills in context.

  • Across learning  – Opportunities to develop and demonstrate literacy skills in all subject areas.  

Recently Education Scotland published resources for use across the Broad General Education (3-15), created in a partnership between the University of Glasgow and Education Scotland. The resources are located in a number of curricular areas such as Social Studies, Modern Languages, RME and Technologies. The resource links provide an opportunity for children to apply their literacy skills through interdisciplinary learning, or demonstrate literacy skills across learning.

CLICK HERE – Education Scotland/ University of Glasgow BGE Materials


Mentimeter is a site with great potential for the classroom. There are many possible uses… in developing literacy skills for example, it can be used to develop children’s questioning skills linked to a text,  or supporting the development of interactive presentations that generate instant feedback.

Teachers can create an account on and get started with their presentation. Using an internet enabled device, others can then provide instant feedback that can be produced in a number of forms including word clouds and graphs.

The following video explains how to get started:

CLICK HERE – Mentimeter

Crime and Thrillers Competition – Cromarty Arts

Cromarty Arts’ Crime and Thrillers may be a competition for YOU!

As part of this year’s Crime & Thrillers Weekend, Cromarty Arts have launched a brand new short story writing competition, open to all.  The genre is crime and thrillers and the story title is ‘The One Hundred Steps’ (after the beautiful and legendary Cromarty walk up the South Sutor).

There are two categories: under 18 (1000 words) and 18+ years (2000 words) and the deadline for submissions is midnight on Sunday 7th April 2019.  Entries will be judged anonymously with a winner and runner-up in both categories and prizes awarded by Ian Rankin at our end of weekend session on Sunday 5th May.

For full details, terms and conditions and an entry form, download here in Word or as a pdf.

CLICK HERE – Crime and Thrillers – Cromarty Arts