Gg-Gumball-Gears-Monsters-093To support the development of Pre-Handwriting skills, Highland Council’s Occupational Therapy department have created the pre-handwriting developmental continuum which includes scissor skills, fine motor skills and pre-writing skills.

CLICK HERE – Pre-Handwriting Developmental Continuum.

To track children on each of the areas of the Pre-Handwriting continuum, access the tracker below:
CLICK HERE – Pre-Handwriting Skills Tracker

Whilst children are making their way through the continuum, the following materials can be used to support:
CLICK HERE – Fine Motor Skills Handout
CLICK HERE – Scissor Skills Handout
CLICK HERE – Pre-Writing Handout
CLICK HERE – Messy Play

CLICK HERE – Posture and Seating Handout

Once children have moved their way through the continuum and are ready for formal handwriting instruction, the following materials can be used as support:
CLICK HERE – Handwriting Ideas
CLICK HERE – Handwriting Resources

The following resources may be useful to use with families to support early motor development within the home environment:
CLICK HERE Ball Skills
CLICK HERE – Bike Riding

CLICK HERE Bottom Wiping
CLICK HERE Dressing Skills
CLICK HERE Learning Cutlery Skills
CLICK HERE Shoelaces