Literacy in the Early Level

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Speaking to a few early level colleagues, they’re looking for some new ideas to revitalise what they are already doing in reading and writing. Here are some images that take what we teach the little ones but present it in perhaps a new way!  If you know of someone in your school who is doing something interesting with literacy, then let us know and we’ll post it on the blog!

7 thoughts on “Literacy in the Early Level

  1. Jen McRitchie

    I really like the use of the written charts to help support the learning in the classroom. If only I could draw the nice little pictures to go with them … 🙂

    1. elspethmackenzie Post author

      Your P1/2 class will think you’re the next Picasso when you get going… Wait till you’re teaching P7, then you’re allowed to question your artistic abilities (before the kids do!). Loving the charts too- already got one planned for Reading Workshop on Monday will let you know how it goes!!

  2. Mr Cook

    I’ve popped a bit on ‘Talk the Big Talk’ on the blog. When the early years staff in my school have developed this within their classrooms further, I’ll ask them for successful ideas which we can share on the blog.


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