Ideas for the Summer Term!

teaching ideaspoetry archive

Click on the images above and you’ll find yourself at two very good websites recommended by Primary colleagues!  Teaching Ideas has a wealth of resources for all curricular areas.  If you hover over the Literacy tab you’ll find almost everything you need to inspire you this term.  I had a look at some of the videos and there are some excellent shorts that I’ll be using to stimulate storyline discussions with my Primary 6 class (my favourite is ‘Alma’ – a bit freaky but I like that!).  The Poetry Archive has a selection of poetry that children will love and also featured poets to get to know.

Here’s Alma for you to enjoy…don’t watch it with infant classes!

If you know of any resources out there that you can share, please let us know and we’ll post them here for everyone to enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Ideas for the Summer Term!

  1. Katy Lee

    hi there,

    Thanks for the Highland Literacy website- the Literacy Shed is great ,I found it by chance myself and the kids love the quirky clips.

    I’ve been using this clip ‘Hoverbike ‘ with my P5-7 class , you can adapt the tasks for whatever you need. We made an advert for it , the instruction booklet would be good too,


    Katy Lee

    Durness Primary School.


  2. Mr Cook

    Elspeth – an interesting video . . . that’s what I can say about Alma. I’m now thinking of some inventive ways to use it in the classroom.

    Thank you for your video also Katy – we’ve popped it on the blog for colleagues.


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