Slow Writing

Thank you to Wendy from Bishop Eden for flagging-up the original website that has inspired this post.


Teaching children through a ‘read to write’ model using Writer’s Craft lessons, exploring the fundamental principles of VCOP in ‘Big Writing‘, or teaching the individual traits in ‘6 Traits + 1‘ is common practice in Highland classrooms. However, a blank page for some learners continues to be a daunting prospect during the writing lesson.

The Slow Writing methodology allows practitioners to apply the brakes during the writing process, providing learners with a step-by-step structure to create their text. A spin on using a writing-frame, Slow Writing is a methodology similar to that of Up-Levelling within ‘Big Writing‘ and developing Sentence Fluency and Organisation in ‘6 Traits + 1‘.

The testimonials from practitioners suggest that Slow Writing allows learners to not only think about what they’re writing, but also how they are writing – slowing down the writing process to ensure high quality. Practitioners scaffold and model the different techniques within individual sentences, culminating in a finished piece of work. This could initially be introduced using a whole-class Shared Writing approach, developing independence and shifting to Guided Writing.

Interested in Slow Writing . . .
How is it used in Upper Primary/ Secondary?
How is it used in Lower/ Middle Primary?

CLICK HERE to access the Literacy Shed. They’re currently looking for practitioners to contribute to a non-profit Slow Writing Book.

CLICK HERE, or the image above, to access an interactive Slow Writing resource which can be used to generate sentence structure statements.

Give it a go . . . leave us a comment to let us know how you get on!

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