Tactile Book Gifting – Scottish Book Trust – Off to the Park!

To help children on their reading journey, Scottish Book Trust is gifting Off to the Park to every Primary 1-3 child in a special school or special needs setting in Scotland. Each school will receive an additional copy of Off to the Park for their school library to help create a link between home and school.

Off to the Park contains high-contrast images, tactile features and Braille-style numbering. It is suitable for children with a variety of additional support needs.

The books will arrive in schools in January.
Gifting the books offers a great excuse to invite parents and carers, as well as other members of the local community, into school. It is also recommend that you use the books in school before sending them home to make a link between home and school.

You can also listen to an audio version of Off to the Park at: scottishbooktrust.com/reading-and-stories/bookbug/tactile-books. Parents and carers can use the audio version at home alongside the physical copy. You could share the audio version in school after the books have been gifted to create a link between home and school.

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