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Scottish Book Trust – Live Literature

Fancy working with an author within your school, library or community group? The Scottish Book Trust’s Live Literature funding is now open.

You may have Raising Attainment in Literacy, Language and Communication or Closing the Literacy, Language and Communication gap in your Improvement Plan for next year. We know that children and young people benefit from having a clear purpose and audience when developing their literacy, language and communication skills. Bring literacy to life with a visit from an author from the Scottish Book Trust’s database.

The funding will cover the author’s fee, their travel and their accommodation. The deadline for applications is Wednesday 27th September 2017. This is for sessions taking place between January and March 2018.

Interested? Find out more by clicking the link below.

CLICK HERE – Scottish Book Trust Live Literature



Pen Fifty Words – June 2017

With under a fortnight until the end of term, keep the creative juices flowing to the end of term with the Scottish Book Trust’s ’50 Word Fiction’

This month’s ’50 Word Fiction’ from the Scottish Book Trust is fifty word fantasy. This month you’re asked to ‘Write a story set in an enchanted wood.’

The deadline is Tuesday 27th June 2017. The Young Writers category is open to all children and young people under 18.

CLICK HERE – 50 Word Fiction (Enchanted Wood)

Summer Reading Challenge 2017

With under two weeks to go until schools break for summer, is your primary school promoting the Summer Reading Challenge?

The Summer Reading Challenge encourages children to read six books over the summer holidays, linking children up with their local libraries.

CLICK HERE – Summer Reading Challenge Website

This year’s theme is ‘Animal Agents’, Share information with your children and their families using the following video:

How do your children get involved?


Education Scotland – Literacy and English Benchmarks (June 2017)

Following the draft Literacy and English Benchmarks published in August 2016, the final Benchmarks (following the consultation period) were published last week by Education Scotland.

Education Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence the CfE Statement for Practitioners
(Aug 2016) stated that the two key resources which support practitioners to plan learning, teaching and assessment are:
 Experiences and Outcomes
 Benchmarks.

Benchmarks have been developed to provide clarity on the national standards expected within each curriculum area at each level. They set out clear lines of progression in Literacy and English. Their purpose is to make clear what learners need to know, and be able to do to progress through the levels, and to support consistency in teachers’ and other practitioners’ professional judgements.

CLICK HERE – Education Scotland Benchmarks (June 2017)

Benchmarks are designed to be concise and accessible, with sufficient detail to communicate clearly the standards expected for each curriculum level.

The guidance from Education Scotland on using the Benchmarks:

Authors Live – Guy Bass

Do any of your children in P4 – P7 read the ‘Spynosaur‘ series? If so, here’s an Authors Live event work watching this week. On Thursday 15th June 2017, 11am – 11.40am, the Scottish Book Trust have partnered up with BBC Scotland to bring you children’s author Guy Bass.

Guy will be speaking to us about his Spynosaur books, which are all about a character with the mind of a super spy, and the body of a dinosaur! He will also be answering questions from pupils across the country.

CLICK HERE – Sign Up Authors Live Guy Bass

Date: Thursday 15th June 2017
Time: 11am – 11.40am
Target Audience: P4 – P7

Emerging Literacy – Northern Alliance Practice Video

Taking a developmental to Emerging Literacy aims to support education practitioners to match the teaching and learning of early literacy, language and communication experiences to the needs of each child. Through collaborative partnerships between education, Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and Educational Psychologists, educational practitioners across the Northern Alliance have been embedding Highland’s approach to Emerging Literacy across the north of Scotland. This video reflects on the impact of professionals and the outcomes for children and young people across the Northern Alliance this academic session.

It is great to hear many of the reflections from our recent local Emerging Literacy networks across Highland have been reiterated within this short video. Further details of the impact on practitioners and the outcomes for children through taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy will be detailed in the Northern Alliance report which will be published at the beginning of July.

What training is available to apply for on the Highland CPD Calendar?

Whole Day Emerging Literacy Training – this training will take place in term 4 of 2016/2017, term 1 of 2017/ 2018 and term 4 of 2017/2018. It is targeted to P1 Teachers, SMT, ASN Teachers, Educational Psychologists and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs). This training provides an introduction to the theory and rationale, the assessment tools and the support materials available in taking a developmental approach. The following dates are available to apply for through the CPD Calendar.

Emerging Literacy Networks – the Emerging Literacy networks have proven to be a supportive mechanism for practitioners during the 2016/2017 session in supporting practitioners to take a developmental approach through five twilight sessions during the academic session. These will continue during the 2017/2018 session in ten locations across the Local Authority. There will be separate support available for schools who are beginning their Emerging Literacy journey (Year 1 schools) to those who are continuing their Emerging Literacy journey (Year 2+ schools). For a whole-school approach to Emerging Literacy to be effective, we have seen the greatest impact when P1 Class Teachers and a member of SMT attend together. A whole-school approach will ensure that all children and young people who can benefit from taking a developmental approach make appropriate progress. Local Networks provide the opportunity for school practitioners to work with support services, Educational Psychologists and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) in a universal way. The following dates are available to apply for through the CPD Calendar. When applying you will be signed up to the five sessions within your local network. Venues to be confirmed.