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Neil Gunn Writing Competition – Reminder

Back in September the 15th Neil Gunn Writing Competition was launched. A reminder that the closing date for this competition is Friday 8th March 2019.

This year’s competition is open to:

  • Primary: P5-P7
  • Secondary: S3-S6

There have been brilliant submissions from Highland primary and secondary schools over the years. For both the primary and secondary competition there is a key theme for the 2018/2019 competition. They are as follows:

P5 – P7

Theme for 2018-2019:
Everything was very quiet and still

from Blood Hunt by Neil Gunn

S3 – S6

Theme for 2018-2019:
“From the high summit, the solitary figure would watch the dawn come up…”
from Highland River by Neil Gunn

Entries are due on Friday 8th March 2019. Before schools take part in the competition, check out the Rules for the Competition document below and access the entry forms for primary and secondary.

CLICK HERE – Neil Gunn Rules for the Competition 

CLICK HERE – Primary School Entry Form

CLICK HERE – Secondary School Entry Form

Whilst the competition is open to P5-P7 and S3-S6 there have been  lesson plan materials put together by Jenny Wilson, Literacy Development Officer, for children working within Early through to Second Levels in exploring the primary school theme as part of their learning and teaching. For those schools entering the competition at P5-P7 there is also biography information on Neil Gunn to use alongside the lesson plan.

CLICK HERE – Neil Gunn Biography Information

CLICK HERE – Early/ First Levels Lesson Plan

CLICK HERE – First/ Second Levels Lesson Plan

CLICK HERE for further information

Read On Get On (ROGO) – Reading for Enjoyment

Back in 2015 we published a blog post on ‘Read On Get On’; a national campaign to get children reading well by 11 years old.

In 2017, the Read On Get On coalition developed a tripartite model of reading which asserts that, in order for a child to read well at age 11, they must have strong cognitive reading skills (including phonics and comprehension), positive affective processes (including reading enjoyment) and positive reading behaviours (including reading daily). The Read On Get On (ROGO) index provides further information.

Last month Read On Get On published their 2018 ROGO Index. Reading for enjoyment features as the key theme. They have teamed up with authors to create resources to support their next step. You can find out more on the link below.

Read On Get On 2018 Resources


Brainpickings – The Loveliest Children’s Books of 2018

Towards the end of 2018, Brainpickings published ‘The Loveliest Children’s Books of 2018’ book list. The Brainpickings ‘The Loveliest Children’s Books of 2018’ list includes texts which could be used as a stimulus for writing, as a modelled text for teaching reading strategies in a literacy workshop, or as a text for all to enjoy in the classroom! Their unique selection of books are texts which you may find are not already in your classroom.

CLICK HERE – Brainpickings Book List

Emerging Literacy Buddy Network – January 2019

The next Emerging Literacy Network will be taking place on Monday 14th January 2019, 4pm – 6pm. The January 2019 networks are organised into Buddy Network Groups where schools are meeting in one of 26 different locations across Highland. The content for the session is housed within the video below. The video can be used to facilitate the session.

To support collaboration at the network, practitioners are asked to bring:

The details of where each school group has identified that they will meet can be found in the relevant document below: