Emerging Literacy Training – Beginning June 2020

James Mctaggart, our team of Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists, will be running online training in Emerging Literacy, beginning on Tuesday 9th of June. This training is recommended for all teachers of Primary One and Primary Two, who had not been on the Emerging Literacy training before, or who would value a refresher course.

Each week there will be two options for training and you are asked to watch the training videos before attending the training.

Training dates:

Emerging Literacy: Tuesday 09/06/2020 Wednesday 10/06/2020 (repeat)

Phonological Awareness: Tuesday 16/06/2020 Wednesday 17/06/2020 (repeat)

Oral Language: Tuesday 23/06/2020 Wednesday 24/06/2020 (repeat)

Pre-Handwriting Skills: Tuesday 30/06/2020 Wednesday 01/07/2020 (repeat)

For further information, and to register, please go to the Highland Council Digital Learning Hub or CPD calendar.

28 thoughts on “Emerging Literacy Training – Beginning June 2020

  1. Dwynwen Roberts

    Would love to attend this training as it sounds very beneficial. I do not work for the Highland council and wondered if this is still available please.

  2. LesleyAnne Lamb

    IS it possible to do the course even although I an in a different authority (aberdeenshire) ? If so, how do I register for the course? Lesley Lamb (I am willing to pay privately to attend)


  3. Wilson, Aileen

    good Afternoon,

    Is it possible to register for the seminars if you work for another LA? And if can you direct me to how I do that,

    many thanks


    Aileen Wilson Primary Teacher (P5/4) St Mun’s Primary School Pilot Street Dunoon

    T: 01369 703643 E: aileen.wilson@argyll-bute.gov.uk ________________________________

  4. Danielle Dingwall

    Hi there,

    I don’t understand how to sign up for the training? I have been to CPD calendar and clicked on the dates at added it to my calendar. Do I just show up on the day and join the meeting with the meeting link or is there some way to let them know I have would like to join before hand? Thanks

    1. lauramcginlay Post author

      Hi Danielle,
      Yes, if you just use the meeting link provided. Once you join the chat, type hello and the name of your school in the chat box. My colleague will then collate the names at the end of the training and share with CPD admin staff so these hours can be added to your record.

  5. Laura McGowan

    Hello. I would love to attend the training. I work in Aberdeen City Council. I am sorry but I can’t find the link to register. Can I just use the code to join the Google Meet for the session on Tuesday 9th at 1pm please?

    Kind regards,


  6. Eve Stockley

    Hi, I am hoping to join this training, what time is the training running on the dates above please and how do you access the training videos?

      1. Monica Frivoli

        Good evening Laura,
        Could I please be added to the list of participants? I would be interested to attend the Wednesday
        sessions please.Thanks you

        Monica Frivoli
        Portknockie School

      2. lauramcginlay Post author

        Hi Monica,
        Apologies I did not reply prior to the training, I’ve just read your comment. I hope you managed to join last week and you will also join in future sessions.
        You are welcome to join using the Google Meet link provided. As you work within Moray Council, there is no need to register before the sessions. You will be asked to share your email address during the Google Meet session via the chat box to allow resources/links to be shared with you.
        Thank you,

    1. lauramcginlay Post author

      Hi Brandon,
      You are welcome to join – the Google Meet link is meet.google.com/czr-xqsg-xip and there is no need to register beforehand.
      Yes, that is the correct link for training videos – next weeks session is on Phonological Awareness.

      1. Brandon Jones

        Hi Laura,

        Thanks for all this information. From my understanding we either join on Tuesday or Wednesday at 1pm. How long does the training usually last?

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