Developing Literacy Training – First and Second Level – Highland Council Staff Only

Through Google Meet:

Developing Literacy trainings track reflections on evidenced research and developmentally appropriate learning in all areas of literacy within First and Second Level.

This training is aimed at classroom teachers, ASN teachers and PSAs.  Each content session with explore a different area of literacy and there will be a task identified for those who wish to look at ways of developing their pedagogical knowledge.  Each session will be followed up by a second session where practitioners feedback their experiences, obstacles, solutions and triumphs.

Please sign up via the CPD website and the PowerPoint will sent out to you ahead of time.

4 thoughts on “Developing Literacy Training – First and Second Level – Highland Council Staff Only

    1. lauramcginlay Post author

      Hi Elinor,
      You would be welcome to attend the training offered however it is aimed at Primary/Secondary level so it may be best to contact your EYESO for EYP specific training.

  1. Sarah MacAlpine-Kinmylies Primary

    Hi Laura,

    I cannot find the training in the CPD calendar. Do you have a link to it?



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