Last Chance…Lockdown Unlocked! Covid Poetry and Prose Digital Book

As you may already know, Jenny Wilson (HC Literacy Development Officer) has collated examples of Poetry and Prose based on reflections on Covid-19 and lockdown to create a digital book titled ‘Lockdown Unlocked’. This digital book contains poems and prose from pupils, parents and staff of Highland Council.

Although schools have now returned, pupil/parent/staff poetry and prose is still welcome and will be added to the book. Pupils (and teachers!) may have reflected on their feelings following the end of lockdown and the return to school.

If you have pieces of written texts of any genre, which you wish to share, please send them to: by the end of September and these will be included in the book.

If you would like to view the book and/or share this with your class (which also includes music and illustrations), please drop Jenny an email and she will send the code to access the book via Book Creator.  Children and adult who have submitted can then do a voice over, if they wish.

Please edit the work before submitting it.

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