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Literacy Leaders

We still have spaces for the Literacy Leaders’ Training for this year. This training is suitable for Class Teachers (or all subject areas), members of Senior Management Team, and Additional Support Teachers.

Year One begins next week with three available dates.

Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd September for Primary School Teachers and Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th for Secondary School Teachers. If you are interested, and are able to arrange a day out of class, we would be pleased to see you.

Year Two begins the following week with two available dates.

Tuesday 29th for Primary School Teachers and Wednesday 30th for Secondary School Teachers.

Each session runs from 9:30am to 3:30pm.

Please let me know if you wish to attend, and I will give you the Google meet code required for taking part.

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day is growing! This week we announced a new partnership with English Heritage, which will be offering a fabulous programme of poetry participation opportunities linked to the hidden stories of its sites, from October 1 and running through October in parallel with Black History Month. Stand by for more news shortly – the programme is led by poet Jacob Sam-La Rose who has brilliant writing and performing tips to share.

Meanwhile, tell us what you are planning! The National Poetry Day map gives you an idea of the range of events – big, small and micro – taking place. Add yours for the chance to win a set of three poetry books. And use our online resources: we have cleared copyright on loads of poems on the theme of Vision and you might like to print out ones you like and stick them in your window. And if you want to share the way you #ShareAPoem: take a picture for Twitter or Insta, tag #NationalPoetryDay.

Wraparound Spelling

We have been developing some training videos which you can use, either just to watch on your own, or with your class in a kind of on-line team teaching situation.  As I write we have three weeks of lessons, with each week containing a video for days one to four.

There is also one training video for children in P6/7, which is a spelling investigation.  It comes with a pack of activities.  We will continue to add a few more to this group.

If you would like access to these, let me know, and I’ll add you to the shared drive.