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Book Badge Challenge

Every year we put together a reading challenge to encourage children to read.

This year’s challenge is the Book Badge Collection.

There are eight book badges to be earned:

  • The Night Owl
  • The Early Bird
  • The Weekend Warrior
  • The Professor
  • The Bite-sized Bookworm
  • The Marathon
  • Librarian
  • The Seven-day Stretch

Every time that a child fulfils the requirements of a badge, they get a badge to stick onto their record sheet. Each well-earned badge can be celebrated with a certificate.

To download the challenge, click here.

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Talk for Writing

Dear Colleagues,

The Talk for Writing trainer will be conducting training on the inset days on the 13th and 14th of September.

This training is for Highland Council staff only.

On the 13th of September, she will be working with teachers who would like to receive initial training or a refresher session in the Talk for Writing process.

On the 14th of September, she will be working with teachers who have already started using the Talk for Writing process and would like to deepen their understanding.

There will be a cost of around £35 per person, but this will depend on how many people attend.  Please ask your line manager for permission before applying for this course through Highland Council’s CPD page.

It would be helpful to have all applications registered by next week.

The code and resources will be sent out prior to training to all those who have registered.

Talk for Writing Training (For Highland Council Practitioners)

We have the Talk for Writing Training coming to work with us again next session.

She will be with us on:

13th September – Introduction (and recap) of fiction

14th September – Digging deeper with fiction – for people already working with Talk for Writing who want to learn more.

23rd February – Introduction (and recap) of non-fiction.

The trainings will now be on CPD.  You will need to ask your Head Teacher for permission to attend as there will be a cost per person.

Emerging Literacy: Getting started in P1

Wednesday 23rd June, 4-5pm

Emerging Literacy is Highland Council’s developmentally appropriate approach to literacy in P1 and beyond.

P1 teachers are supported through networks through the year to implement differentiated teaching and learning in literacy.

This hour-long course is to help teachers new to the approach, or who want to refresh their knowledge, to get started in August.  It will cover the model behind the approach, and how it is put into practice in phonological awareness, phonics and pre-handwriting learning.

Attendees will find it useful to have watched the short film at Emerging Literacy: Training Video 1 – Theory – YouTube

The training will be on Google Meet and can be accessed at

Any questions welcome to James McTaggart, Early Years Educational Psychologist

PM Benchmark Assessment 2

Are you interested in learning more about the new PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment 2?  Julian Duncan a trainer for PM Benchmark will run training on the 15th and 18th of March 2021.

The training is suitable for School Managers, ASN teachers and class teachers.

It equips teachers with accurate and robust assessment tools to identify students’ instructional or independent reading levels. The resource offers a complete literacy assessment, allowing teachers to conduct reading records to effectively capture students’ progress in reading fluency, retelling abilities and comprehension within and beyond the text.

When                      Monday 15th March at 15:30 to 16:30

                               Thursday 18th March at 15:30 to 16:30

To access the training link, please sign in through CPD.

Dyslexia Awareness Week (Scotland)

Dyslexia Awareness Week in Scotland will be on 2 – 7 November 2020

Dyslexia Awareness Week this year is all about ‘Unlocking Potential’.  To tie in with coming out of lockdown, the title reflects all the amazing and sometimes unexpected ways that children and adults have adapted to our ‘new normal’, not to mention parents, teachers and others.  It’s not been easy but we have been struck by the resilience shown by so many.

Some ways to support Dyslexia Awareness Week

For those of you who would like an interesting, informative and thought-provoking read, please click the link below.

Book Bug and Read, Write, Count Bags

It is nearly time for the Book Bug and Read, Write, Count Bags to be delivered to your school.

As you might be aware, we have organised two webinars, relevant for anyone involved in gifting the P1 bag. They are as follows:

Webinar: Making the most of the Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bag

This webinar is for P1 teachers and school literacy co-ordinators involved with the Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bag. Join us for a webinar which will introduce you to the contents of the bag, including the 3 shortlisted books, provide ideas for cross-curricular activities and explain how your pupils can vote for the Bookbug Picture Book Prize.

There are two available sessions:

  • Tuesday 29 September 2020: 4pm-5pm
  • Wednesday 7 October 2020: 4pm-5pm

For more info about this webinar, and registrations, please click here.

Webinar: Gifting the Bookbug P1 Family Bag and Read, Write, Count Bags

This webinar is for P1, P2 and P3 teachers and school literacy co-ordinators involved with gifting the Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bag and Read, Write, Count bags.

  • Wednesday 23 September 2020: 4pm-5:30pm

For registrations, please click here.

Literacy Leaders

We still have spaces for the Literacy Leaders’ Training for this year. This training is suitable for Class Teachers (or all subject areas), members of Senior Management Team, and Additional Support Teachers.

Year One begins next week with three available dates.

Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd September for Primary School Teachers and Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th for Secondary School Teachers. If you are interested, and are able to arrange a day out of class, we would be pleased to see you.

Year Two begins the following week with two available dates.

Tuesday 29th for Primary School Teachers and Wednesday 30th for Secondary School Teachers.

Each session runs from 9:30am to 3:30pm.

Please let me know if you wish to attend, and I will give you the Google meet code required for taking part.