HLP Booklets


As you are aware, we are currently refreshing the Highland Literacy Project materials and publishing them on the blog once they are completed.

In addition to the ‘Sharing Box‘ you can access the original HLP Booklets by clicking the links below.

HLP Core Reading – INFANT Follow-Up Tasks
HLP Core Reading – Organisation
HLP Core Reading – P1 to P3
HLP Core Reading – P3_4 to S2
HLP Core Reading – Plays and Non-Fiction
HLP Core Reading – Questioning
HLP Core Reading – UPPER Follow-Up Tasks
HLP Creating a Literacy Rich Environment
HLP Graphic Novels
HLP Handwriting
HLP Knowledge About Language
HLP Moving Image
HLP Phonics
HLP Reading for Enjoyment
HLP Reading for Information
HLP Role Play
HLP – Scots Language
HLP Spelling
HLP Storyline Approach
HLP Writers Craft
HLP Writing

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