Speedy Readers – The Literacy Toolbox

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Speedy Readers – The Literacy Toolbox, created by Eddie Carron, is available on Highland Council PCs and laptops in those schools that opted to purchase the software.

To support the use of the programme, the following user guides for staff and learners have been created:

Speedy Readers Staff Guidelines – October 2014
1. Accessing ‘Speedy Readers’
2. Using ‘Library 300’
3. Using ‘Reading Comprehension’
4. Using ‘Dictation One’
5. Using ‘Dictation’
6. Using ‘Higher Dictation’
7. Using ‘Jumpstart’
8. Using ‘Sentence Builder’
9. Using ‘Reading Starter’

CLICK HERE to access all user guides in a zip file.

CLICK HERE for a list of the Library 300 Titles.

Eddie Carron, the creator of the software, has a discussion forum that can be accessed on: http://realteacher.forumchitchat.com/

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