The Literacy Toolbox – Speedy Readers

Many Highland schools have been using The Literacy Toolbox – Speedy Readers, supporting learners to make progress in Literacy.

Following the video created by Charleston Academy, Inverness, a school in Australia has showcased how The Literacy Toolbox has contributed to the shaping of their Literacy curriculum.

CLICK HERE for more information on The Literacy Toolbox – Speedy Readers

It’d be great to know how your school are using The Literacy Toolbox – Speedy Readers and the impact this has had on learners. Leave us a comment, or be brave . . . make and share a video!

1 thought on “The Literacy Toolbox – Speedy Readers

  1. Eddie Carron

    As the author of Literacy Toolbox I hope all Toolbox users enjoy watching the Australian video and particularly the very youngest children using the Reading Starter component.
    I am starting a new project which I hope will interest some Scottish schools. i am inviting schools to send me very short (10-12 second) video clips of children reading from Toolbox printouts or dictation exercises. These can be ‘over-the-shoulder’ shots so that pupils are not necessarily recognisable – they can also be children talking about the Toolbox work but they really must be just a few seconds. I hope to string all these together when I have enough so that I have a video with children reading with regional and national accents from all over the world – Manchester, Liverpool, London, Australia, Canada, Alabama, New York etc and I want to be able to include a few with our lovely Scottish brogue but especially the Highland regional accent which is much softer than my own lowland version..
    Many people have remarked about the lovely accents of the children in the Charleston Academy video. Each very short clip can be sent as an email attachment to me at
    If just two or three Scottish schools sent me a few 10-12 second clips that would be great. Just think of all the kids world-wide reading a short part of their favourite title from the library their wonderful regional accents. I know you are all busy but I hope you will want to contribute just these few seconds of your time to promote the most important of all educational objectives ie universal literacy. Come on Scotland – Glow!

    If any of you are bold enough to actually produce a video it is important to stress that it should primarily showcase your school and your work to promote literacy standards in the excellent way the Charleston video did – and like theirs, it must not include my name or the name of my company name.
    Eddie Carron,


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