The Highland Council – Literacy Strategy

Highland aims to ensure that all children and young people make the appropriate progress in Literacy supported by developmentally appropriate learning and teaching.

There are three detailed three areas of development for the 2017/2018 session:

  • Taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy (The Emerging Literacy Team will continue to lead this)
  • Persistent Literacy Difficulties (Jenny Wilson will lead this – information on Jenny’s offer is attached and training will be added to the CPD calendar)
  • Structured approach to Reading Comprehension (Aspects will be trialled this year and will be rolled out by the Authority during 2018/2019).

Highland’s Literacy Strategy has been updated as of April 2017. You can access this by clicking the images below. It details the Authority’s aims, their current priorities and includes key contacts and links to further support. The blog continues to be a medium of ongoing support, and facilitated by further training opportunities available through the Highland CPD Calendar and local support arrangements.

The up to date Literacy Strategy highlights the strong collaborative partnership working between education, Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), High Life Highland (Adult Learning and Highland Libraries) and partner agencies to provide the best possible literacy outcomes for children, young people and their families.

CLICK HERE: The Highland Literacy Strategy – April 2017

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