Promoting Independent Reading and Writing

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A friend of mine recommended this blog as one to follow and it’s certainly worth a look!

The whole idea is that the children we teach today live in a world very much dominated by symbols and while we use these often with younger children or children with additional needs, why would we not use them just because they allow ALL children to readily access learning?  Made sense to me so I bought the book! I’m on a mission now to try out this approach and recruit some fellow teachers to do the same… we’ll post some photos of what we come up with!

8 thoughts on “Promoting Independent Reading and Writing

  1. Mrs. F.

    LOVE the visual aspect of the ideas…teacher can plan and model with the class then they can be displayed, referenced and shared with others – GREAT!!!! 🙂

  2. Jon Blair

    I’m just having a good nosey about at the moment so I’ve yet to think up useful comments other than that this looks great! Is there anything specially tailored to the upper stages?

    1. elspethmackenzie Post author

      Hi Jon,
      There will be LOTS for upper stages…soon! If you think of an area you’d like resources/ideas for then let us know and we’ll do our best to find something!If not we’ll just keep posting away the things that catch our eye!

  3. Susan Dickson

    Elspeth, take a look at
    This link will take you to my store and there is a free packet of reproducible graphic organizers targeting metacognitive processes for upper primary. Besides that, you’ll find a brilliant resource to browse many other teachers ideas and products, many of which are free.
    Im now a follower of your blog 🙂


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