Reading for Early/First Level


This resource has been recommended, it’s been tried and tested and we’re told it’s GREAT! Click on the image to find out more!

“It is quite simple but covers a wide range of phonics, word building and a good amount of the ICT early curriculum.  The children are mad for it. In fact the younger end of our school and our Nursery are ‘monster crazy’.  It is free and the teacher gets to see how the children are doing as progress is recorded. All of our children have loved it so much they have set up accounts for home too, which means lots of extra practice.”

Sarah Taylor

Badcaul Primary School.

4 thoughts on “Reading for Early/First Level

  1. Cara Dallas

    You have been very busy Elspeth! I have registered on this site and tried it with my own son. He loved it from making the monster onwards, i think this would be great for both teachers and parents. I love that it saves the game for each child and they start from where they left off.


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