21st Century Literacy!

Access to an iPad? If so, this post is for you…

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Whilst we live in an age of multi-media, where visuals and audio seem to be dominant in every day life, text is not going away! Supporting literacy, whilst encompassing technological developments, the use of an iPad can engage learners demonstrating that literacy is FUN!

Teach Mama wrote a blog post in December suggesting iPad apps which can be used within the classroom, and at home to enhance literacy learning. Typing ‘literacy’ into the App Store, we’ve found a few of our own which we’d also like to recommend. The following apps are currently FREE in the App Store:

Word Mover – Learners are able to build poems and prose using sequences of common words, in addition to expanding their vocabulary with unfamiliar words.

Wordball – A resource ideal for 1st/2nd level of CfE in which learners can create words against the clock from the letters given.

Fun Rhyming – The clue is in the title- using phonic knowledge, learners identify words using the given sound.

SB Spelling – A great spelling resource- learners can input their own spelling list; using the principles of ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ they can revise their spelling words, using an interactive and engaging approach to learning.

Treasure Hunt – An interactive game in which learners use their literacy skills to solve problems.

Build A Story – Wanting to engage learners in writing? This resource is an interactive method of creating texts using visual stimuli such as images/animations, in conjunction with written text.

iBooks – Texts can be downloaded for Reading for Enjoyment. There are many ‘read aloud’ texts also available for free within the App Store- type ‘literacy’ to explore. Kindle- is a similar resource you may want to check out.

We’d like to know your thoughts of using technology to support literacy both within the classroom, and at home.

5 thoughts on “21st Century Literacy!

    1. elspethmackenzie

      One day we might have the technology in school… in the meantime I like the thought of being able to recommend good apps to parents as so many children have these devices at home. Thanks for doing the research James!

  1. Mr Cook Post author

    I’m in agreement Elspeth- many children do have access to the technology. I’ll be recommending my findings after the February break- find out what the children think about some of the apps!

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