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Pen Fifty Words – April 2018

Do Something Great… April’s ’50 Word Fiction’ from the Scottish Book Trust celebrates those who stand up for what they believe in!

This month’s ’50 Word Fiction’ from the Scottish Book Trust asks you to ‘Write a story about someone who stands up for what they believe in.’

The Equality and Diversity Picture Books are a great starting point for inspiration – packed with characters who strive for Equality and Diversity. Elizabeth in ‘The Paper Bag Princess‘ or Malala and Iqbal are just two examples of people standing up for what they believe in.

The Paper Bag Princess

Malala and Iqbal

The deadline is Tuesday 1st May 2018. The two Young Writers categories are open to all children and young people from 5 to 18.

CLICK HERE – ’50 Word Fiction’

Emerging Literacy Update – April 2018

Join the Northern Alliance YAMMER site for Emerging Literacy to take part in the conversations on taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy

This month’s update includes information on:

  • Emerging Literacy Networks – May 2018
  • Emerging Literacy Training – May 2018
  • Words Up (Early) – Gaelic Posters
  • Next steps: Resources for 2018/2019

CLICK HERE – Emering Literacy Update April 2018

Phonics Resources

In our recent post sharing the new resources from Jenny Wilson (Literacy Development Officer), she highlighted resources to support the teaching of phonics for reading and spelling.

Teaching phonics is an important part of learning to read and learning to spell. The Northern Alliance Principles of Effective Phonics Teaching have been designed to to support practitioners and schools to plan for developmentally appropriate teaching and learning of phonics.

Jenny’s earlier post linked to two  resources:

Teaching Phonics Guide “Letters and Sounds”
Letters and Sounds

Bookbug Session Leader Training – Fort William

Through our ongoing partnership with High Life Highland libraries, the Bookbug Session Leader training which was offered in areas across Highland earlier this session will be available in Fort William on Tuesday 17th April 2018, 10am – 3.30pm. This can be applied for through the CPD Calendar.

Bookbug Session Leader Training

Bookbug sessions are designed to promote family learning and engagement with early literacy, language and communication. They are delivered to families and their children, supporting them to connect through books, songs, rhymes and games.

The Bookbug Session Leader Training is open to EYPs/ PSAs/ Class Teachers who will lead Bookbug sessions with families and their children. The Bookbug sessions are geared at children, up to and including Primary 1, and their families. The training equips participants with the knowledge and develops the skills to lead a Bookbug session. Following attending the Bookbug Session Leader Training, participants will set-up Bookbug sessions within their nursery/ school.

Singing to Learn, Learning to Sing

Singing to Learn, Learning to Sing is the new practitioner learning resource from Education Scotland which develops practitioners’ knowledge and understanding of singing and provides practical suggestions how to develop singing within ELC settings and school.

The resources can be used to support rhyme and rhythm in phonological awareness development and the physical warm up exercises are great for support gross motor development.