A Balanced Literacy Programme…

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Thinking about my plans for next week and all the reading I’ve been doing recently on Literacy I decided to see if I am really managing to implement a balanced literacy program in my P6 classroom… To have a balance we need the following:

  • Reading Aloud (sharing your favourite books with your best reading voice!)
  • Shared Reading (one large text that all the children can see that allows you to teach skills and strategies)
  • Guided Reading (small groups reading books at an appropriate level)
  • Independent Reading (Literature Circles/Book Clubs…more than ERIC or DEAR time)
  • Shared Writing (when you get to model great writing and show the children how you think as you write)
  • Interactive Writing (a shared writing piece where children and teacher craft the writing together)
  • Guided Writing (teacher guides small groups through mini lessons, conferences, writing workshop)
  • Independent Writing (Author’s Time- a chance for children to apply what they have learned and share their results with an audience)

As you plan for next week, take a moment to see if you manage to explore each of the ideas listed above.  For me it’s been a good reminder of what matters and now my challenge is to be as creative as I can with the time I have as I certainly don’t want to miss anything out!


2 thoughts on “A Balanced Literacy Programme…

  1. elspethmackenzie Post author

    It’s interesting to step back and look at your week in this way… haven’t even thought about Listening and Talking! I certainly don’t want to ever get to the point of cramming things in so need to look at how my week (or longer) can be as flexible and productive as possible…


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