eBooks- a resource for the classroom

Those of you who are fortunate enough to have either an interactive whiteboard or projector in your room- this will be of interest to you.

rm3          RMBooks          rm2

Glow, now serviced by RM Unify, decided that tiles were the way forward in enabling users to access information quickly. A new tile ‘RM Books’ is one in which I discovered last week. Each teacher with a Glow account can download books which can then be used for whole class/group lessons – ideal for Reading for Information and Writer’s Craft.

Clicking on the ‘School Library’ I was able to access 69 FREE books which can be used. I would suggest however that these resources are perhaps more relevant to second level (CfE) and above.

I am itching to use the free Yeats’ poetry book to demonstrate classic poetry and ballads. You may need to speak to the Glow administrator for your school if you experience problems in logging into your account – however I’d definitely recommend checking it out.


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