Interactive Literacy


Oxford Owl – heard of it? It’s a great resource which allows pupils, parents/carers and practitioners access to FREE e-books. The difference between Oxford Owl and RM books (mentioned in a previous post) is that Oxford Owl reads the book to you, complementing reading with comprehension games and activities.

Navigating around the website takes a few clicks – so click the image above which will take you to the freebies. Excellent for infant/middle stages, as well as supporting EAL learners and learners with dyslexia.

Could a small group use the book and activities within reading workshops?

1 thought on “Interactive Literacy

  1. Aileen Mackay

    Smithton Primary staff, pupils and parents use this all the time – a great resource. ORT has a commitment to giving profit back to education hence this great resource – that’s why it seems too good to be true!


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