100 Word Challenge


I stumbled across this blog today whilst thinking about ways to give learners opportunities to write for a meaningful ‘purpose and audience’ when creating texts.


The ‘100 Word Challenge’ allows pupils (under the age of 16) to take part in a new creative writing opportunity each week, writing their response to a prompt (in the form of a picture or series of words). The aim of the challenge is to engage writers by giving them a real audience for their work. When pupils have completed their piece, it is to be uploaded onto your class blog, and then a link sent to the ‘100 Word Challenge’ blog.

This could be a way of keeping the creative juices flowing over the final weeks of term, or something kept on the back-burner for kick starting the new term in August.

2 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. Mr Cook Post author

    That’s great to hear – I’ve only just came across it myself today.

    How do the pupils find it?


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