Summer inspiration . . .

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Click on any of the blue links below to check out what Pinterest has to offer for the Literacy classroom.

If, like me, you’re maybe moving to a new stage next session, or you’re wondering how you should set up your writing area, or perhaps you are just looking for ideas to inspire learners – Pinterest is for you!

Pinterest is a fantastic resource which houses images and links on many topics. Signing up is easy, just requires an email address and a password – but you can browse without signing up. One benefit of having an account is that you can save ‘pins’ to your account to review later. Clicking on the image takes you to a link, normally a blog post, which gives you further information and resources.

In the search bar you can search for topics such as LiteracyWritingReading or Literacy Displays which will provide you with images and links to help inspire learners and shape your classroom.

A particular favourite of mine is the Reading Hut which I’d love to try out for my reading corner.

Happy pinning – enjoy your holidays!

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