International Literacy Day – Friday 6th September 2013

As you’re looking over your plans for next week, here’s an important date for your calendar . . .


Next Friday, 6th September, Education Scotland will be supporting International Literacy Day (ILD) through the use of Glow TV. Sign up and see what’s going on by clicking the link below:


Why not celebrate International Literacy Day within your class or as a school, using some of the ideas below – it’s a great opportunity for an Interdisciplinary Topic, encompassing Literacy, RME, Social Studies and Expressive Arts experiences and outcomes, as well as links with Global Citizenship and ECO:

– Host a ‘book drive’ or a whole school ‘book swap’ in which children can choose a new book to read and enjoy

– Have a ‘book buddies’ morning – working with a different class in the school e.g. P1 and P4

– Use the UNESCO website to explore videos of how ILD plays an important part in other countries – a great stimulus for writing in the upper school

– Invite a member of the local community e.g. local councillor, road crossing patrol, postman to come and share a story with the class

– Celebrate cultures and diversity through each class hosting a different themed event from a country – CLICK HERE for an EXCELLENT link with stories linked to countries across the world

CLICK HERE for TES and TES iBoard resources for ILD.

Let us know of any plans you have, or great links by commenting on this post!

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