TodaysMeet . . .

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At the ICT and Inclusion conference yesterday, co-ordinated by Call Scotland, I was left inspired by a free resource called TodaysMeet. Alan Stewart (Highland Council Assistive Technology Support Service Advisor) showcased the website as part of a way to use ICT to support writing in less than 140 characters.

Click the link below for guidelines which have been created to support the set-up and maintenance of a TodaysMeet site. The guidelines also include ideas how you might use the resource in the classroom.

CLICK HERE – Using TodaysMeet in the classroom

As always – we’re interested in your comments regarding how you would use the resource in your classroom.

CLICK HERE to leave a comment about using TodaysMeet – this site will be live until Tuesday 17th June. After this, you can leave a comment on our blog.

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