Question Bubbles


The theme of questioning and higher order thinking has been a focus in some of our blog posts this month.

Working with the new PGDE Primary students at UHI today on Literacy in the Early Years, it was highlighted that developing the required questioning vocabulary is crucial in the early stages of learning – providing learners with the opportunity to ask and answer questions. This is also highlighted in the POLAAR resource from Education Scotland.


The following resource – very simple yet visually engaging – can be found on a fantastic website Used with the class during a range of lessons including guided reading, individual learning conferences and numeracy lessons, question bubbles are a visual way to introduce questioning vocabulary.

CLICK HERE – Question Bubbles Mrs Pancake

Many of the resources are free; however, the website kindly accepts donations.

Let us know of any resources you use to promote questioning in the Early Years by leaving a comment.

1 thought on “Question Bubbles

  1. Peter Fenton, EAL Team

    Thanks for this, other things I have come across include:-
    1. Robert Fisher’s Stories for Thinking,
    2. Weiderhold’s book on Cooperative Questioning and his development of the Question Matrix from which a Smartboard resource can be downloaded from
    3. has a blog with many different ideas coming through to promote thinking and questioning and some can be adapted for early years. Other resources are also available to buy through his website.

    Hope these are useful….


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