International Literacy Day 2014

As you’re looking over your plans for next week, here’s an important date for your calendar . . .


Next Monday, 8th September 2014, people across the world will celebrate International Literacy Day, promoting Literacy for All.

Why not celebrate International Literacy Day within your class or as a school using some of the ideas below?  It’s a great opportunity for an Interdisciplinary Topic, encompassing Literacy, RME, Social Studies and Expressive Arts experiences and outcomes, as well as links with Global Citizenship and ECO. You could . . .

– Host a ‘book drive’ or a whole school ‘book swap’ in which children can choose a new book to read and enjoy

– Have a ‘book buddies’ morning – working with a different class in the school e.g. P1 and P4

– Invite a member of the local community e.g. local councillor, road crossing patrol, postman to come and share a story with the class

– Use the Global Dimension website to access resources to support Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development

– Celebrate cultures and diversity through each class hosting a different themed event from a country – CLICK HERE for an EXCELLENT link with stories linked to countries across the world.

CLICK HERE for TES and TES iBoard resources for ILD.

Leave a comment to let us know of any resources that you are aware of to support International Literacy Day.

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