Diamond 9 – Group discussion

Diamond 9 is a great structure that can be used to facilitate group discussion.

Learners are given a topic, e.g. People who help us, and nine possible options. As a group they have to categorise the options from the highest to lowest priority, discussing and justifying their opinions.


During the Scottish Summary of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN) Diamond 9 tasks were used to assess listening and talking skills in P4 and P7.

CLICK HERE for First Level videos and resources
CLICK HERE for Second Level videos and resources

Diamond 9 tasks can be differentiated across subject areas and Levels and used for a range of discussion topics.

CLICK HERE – Blank Diamond 9 template
CLICK HERE – Diamond 9 ideas TES

Group Talk Feedback – A Focus on the Individual can be used to facilitate professional dialogue around the concept of assessing group talk.

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