Literacy through Drama


An Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) topic such as World War II is an excellent stimulus which can be used to explore texts across many genres. There are some fantastic WWII novels and information texts out there to explore . . .

Teaching learners through the genre of play scripts is an excellent gateway into bringing a text alive through drama.

A Highland practitioner has kindly shared a resource which they have created and used with learners. The play could be taken in its current form, or edited for/by learners where deemed appropriate. You may wish to put on a production or teach a Reading for Information or Writer’s Craft lesson based on the text.

The text based around WWII explores the themes of family and patriotism. There is also a poignant link to WWI – great if you’re studying the 100 year anniversary.

CLICK HERE to download ‘A Wartime Secret’

CLICK HERE for War novels from Scottish Book Trust

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