SOLO Taxonomy – A lesson idea . . .

Following Wednesday’s post on SOLO Taxonomy [click link for more details], as promised, a suggested lesson to develop the taxonomy in your classroom. The approach is based on the work produced by Pam Hook, HookED in New Zealand.

Significant Aspect of Learning – Listening and Talking

  • develop and use higher order thinking skills
  • use reading and listening  strategies to understand, analyse and evaluate texts
  • find and use information

Learning Outcome – I am learning how to connect ideas together and describe the connections I have made.

Step 1: View DREAM Animation, found on The Literacy Shed.

Step 2: Use the Bloom’s Question Fans and Viewing Media questions to facilitate the discussion around the text, selecting the main ideas and connect to learners’ own dreams.

Step 3: Main ideas/phrases to be pulled out of the text and written onto blank hexagonal shapes –  CLICK HERE – Hexagon TemplateThis can be done by learners and collated by the teacher, or these concepts can be handed to learners, pre-prepared by the teacher. This is dependent on age/stage of learners. Click the link below for pre-prepared hexagons, created using the Free Hexagon Generator.

CLICK HERE – DREAMS – SOLO Taxonomy Hexagons

Step 4: Learners to independently, or collaboratively, organise the hexagons, joining them together to make connections.

Step 5: Learners should be given an opportunity to share how they’ve connected their concepts with others/ the class – comparing the connections they have made with the connections of others.

CLICK HERE Developing SOLO Taxonomy Example Lesson Plan

If you have used SOLO Taxonomy in your classroom, let us know by leaving a comment.

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