Wikipedia – A Tool for 21st Century Literacy

Wikipedia – “Love it or hate it Wikipedia is a big part of our lives and its certainly a big part of our online browsing experience. Whether we admit to it or not many people consult Wikipedia on a regular basis to answer their questions. A large part of this is due to the fact that Google loves Wikipedia more than any other site on the Internet. In fact it gets presented as the top search result to more search queries than anything else, even Google itself.” – Ollie Bray


When teaching Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), and in particular the skill of critical analysis, websites such as Wikipedia are often hailed as an example of subjective inaccuracy.

However, check out the blog post below:
CLICK HERE – Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Wikipedia

Wikipedia has a number of uses:
– promoting discussion around accuracy and validity – great for Critical Literacy
– providing real-time information – to support Reading for Information/ Shared Reading
– a forum to analyse and evaluate texts – identifying the Writer’s Craft
– access to multilingual language resources – including the Gàidhlig version of Wikipedia
– a tool to support referencing – highlighting the requirement for primary/secondary sources
– a facility to support journaling – a space to pull together relevant articles about a topic
– part of a family of resources – to support literacy across learning in the classroom.

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