Spoken Language Game


When teaching learners oral presentation skills we aim to empower them with the ability to confidently deliver their subject matter. A learner’s fluency can often be hindered through:

Hesitation – an unintended pause for more than two seconds
Elision – slurring sounds together e.g. going to = gonna
False Start – beginning with an utterance/extended pause
Filler – exchanging words for sounds e.g. emm, uhh, ahhh

Provide learners with opportunities to avoid using H.E.F.F to develop their fluency when presenting.

Spoken Language Game

  • Step 1: Provide learners with a topic that they can talk about for one minute
  • Step 2: Provide learners with 3 minutes to prepare what they’re going to say – maximum of 5 bullet points
  • Step 3: Each person, in turn (within small groups), to begin talking about their subject for up to one minute whilst being timed by another learner
  • Step 4: Each learner should talk until they hesitate, use an elision, a false start or a filler – or complete the minute successfully. The object of the game is to talk for one minute without breaking H.E.F.F.

Give The Spoken Language game a go in your classroom – how long can your learners talk for on a subject without breaking H.E.F.F?

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