‘Reading by the Campfire’

Last night I was invited to a wonderful event at Crown Primary School, ‘Reading by the Campfire’.

A class of children arrived at an indoor campsite (which they no longer recognised as their classroom), dressed in their pyjamas and ready to hear and share some wonderful stories.

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The children stopped in at a number of tents on their visit, filled with blankets and torches and greeted by an array of different books along their journey. Keeping warm beside the Smartboard fire (including authentic crackling sound effects), children read to and with each other and to and with their parents/carers.

A great idea to support parental involvement in Literacy – the pictures speak for themselves. Who could say no to a hot chocolate and marshmallows . . . ?

2 thoughts on “‘Reading by the Campfire’

  1. Christine Gordon

    Sounds fabulous – so glad it went well.
    We ran a similar event with our infants on a bedtime story theme in October. They came in in pjs, took their duvet and snuggled up with mum or dad for a bedtime story. Hot chocolate and cookies finished our evening off too.
    I really like the idea of the tents and ‘campfire’ though – might steal it for our next one if that’s ok?!


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