The Power of a Library Card . . . Part 2

This post, inspired by a visit to Culloden Academy Library, is a follow on to Friday’s post – The Power of a Library Card . . . Part 1. Thank you to Michelle Gowans, Network Librarian, who flagged up the following resource.


Trying to provide a wealth of texts for Reading for Enjoyment, particularly magazines, it can be tricky (and expensive) to keep your class collection up to date. Using a High Life Highland Library card to create a free account, you can access 50 of the most popular magazine titles on computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Titles include – ‘Astronomy’; ‘Cycling’; ‘Golf Monthly’ and the ‘National Geographic’. A great way of engaging children and young people who are keen on reading non-fiction texts.

Setting up an account

You must create two accounts, both a library magazine account AND a Zinio account to download and read magazines. Register on the libraries digital magazine web page and set-up a Zinio account, follow our instructions for first time users and then read our Zinio Download Guide.

CLICK HERE – Digital Magazine – First Time User Guide
CLICK HERE – Digital Magazines – User Guide
CLICK HERE – High Life Highland – Digital Magazines

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