Sticky Spelling . . .

Thank you to one of our Primary Probationers for sharing the idea that contributed to this post.

Sticky Spelling is an activity that can be used to support the teaching of spelling and reading.


Learners should select a word – a common word, a word from the text they’re reading in class or for enjoyment, or a word that they have on their individual spelling list. The word should then be written on a sticky label and worn for the day. Similarly to Spell, Spell, Trade, the teacher should play some music and allow the learners to move around the room; when the music stops, learners should find a partner.

Their partner should then test them on the word that is on their label. Learners would focus on this word throughout the day and could be tested at all transition points. As a whole school approach, learners could test one another in the playground and the lunch hall.

An interesting twist to link spelling and reading together; the word that is on the sticky label becomes the learner’s name for the day. When using other learners’ names, they must use the word on their sticky label as their name. An interesting way to embed common words in First and Second Level.

Check out our Spelling and Phonics area for more resources.

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