A Tale Unfolds . . .


Lesley Glasgow, a colleague from Hilton Primary School in Inverness, recently worked with ‘A Tale Unfolds‘ on a Second Level Literacy and Digital Media project. She has shared her review of the project below . . .

I’ve just completed a literacy-based project that I thought others might like to investigate.

It is an inspiring resource provided by A Tale Unfolds.

You are provided with 7 weeks of lessons which are beautifully planned and which take the children’s written work to a higher level.

Each day builds on the learning of the day before. The plans are  well structured and engaging e.g. using links to video clips for children to experience what they are being asked to write about.

What I haven’t mentioned is the driving force behind the writing. Each piece of writing is a part of a master plan. There are diary entries, letter writing, character descriptions and scripts. These build together to make a film: ‘Cindy, Ann & Bones and The Temple of Boom!’

You don’t have to be a technical genius to do this. The team at A Tale Unfolds have really thought of everything. A basic website called WeVideo is used. They’ve had teachers who are tech-terrified become ‘addicted’ to WeVideo so please don’t be frightened by anything. It’s really simple, I promise. You are guided with short, simple videos that explain easily what you need to do. If I can do it anyone can. You will need something to film the children with and a computer. Media engages today’s ‘digital native’ student. This type of project fosters creativity and multi-modal learning. A Tale Unfolds provides the content and support to bring these projects to life in the classroom.

It was great to come across a resource that was well-planned, straightforward to use and provided the children with such enthusiasm towards writing. 

Well worth a look everyone. If you’re tempted check out this link: A Tale Unfolds

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