instaGrok – Searching With Connections


Check out a great search engine, instGrok, which can be used by pupils and staff to research a topic.

Simply search the topic you’re wanting to research and you will be provided with an interactive map which makes the connections between different pieces of research to enable learners to gain holistic understanding and evidence around a topic.

Check out the demonstration video on the home page to find out more information about the site.

CLICK HERE – instGrok

1 thought on “instaGrok – Searching With Connections

  1. Eddie Carron

    To all Literacy Toolbox users.

    Recently completed analysis of Literacy Toolbox use produced the following.

    Virtually every Year 6 pupil expected to achieve Level 3 English achieved at least Level 4 with a significant proportion achieving Level 5 when they completed the recommended daily regime as follows:

    One term programme.

    Mon Any Reading comp exercise. A Dictation exercise

    Tues Any Reading comp exercise. A Sentence Builder exercise

    Wed Any Reading comp exercise. A Dictation Exercise

    Thu Any Reading comp exercise. A Spelling Course exercise

    Fri Any Reading comp exercise. A Dictation Exercise

    This regime was maintained for Term 1 until Xmas and varied thereafter to include the Grammar, Punctuation exercises etc. Schools which focused exclusively on the reading exercises and did not include the Dictation exercises performed less well. Based on this strong evidence, we urge those who are focusing exclusively on the reading exercise, to consider inserting a daily writing exercise into the syllabus, We can provide similar regimes for all year groups.

    I hope this information is useful. We welcome all feedback.

    My best wishes

    Eddie Carron

    See it in action in

    In a secondary school at

    In an independent school for dyslexic children at

    In an Australian primary school at

    In a London primary with 98.4% EAL and above average KS 2 English


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