Storycrafting – Deep Listening

Inspired by a piece of work that one of our Highland Primary Probationer teachers carried out last session, I was itching to read more about Storycrafting.

A method developed in Finland, Storycrafting allows a learner to tell a story, be listened to, be retold their story and make reflective changes based on what they hear back. once-upon-262x300

Click the hyperlink above to access a website with information about Storycrafting. Click the image above for a short journal article about Storycrafting in action.

In Storycrafting you:

  • Allow a learner to tell a story of their choice to a partner/adult
  • The learner/adult who is listening to the story should scribe it word for word
  • The listener should then retell the story back to the story teller as it has been written
  • The storyteller can then make changes based on what they’ve heard.

Storycrafting is a great method which can be used in the classroom to develop literacy through social interaction, or expanded to partnership working across classrooms and schools as a Global Citizenship project.

CLICK HERE: Your Mango, My Mango, Our Mango – this is a resource which can be used to support the Storycrafting methodology using through the theme of Global Citizenship.

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