Journaling . . . Using the White Space

Left inspired by one of the writing workshops which we delivered to the Highland Probationers on Saturday, it left me thinking, how are we creating a love for writing in our classrooms?

Journaling is a creative technique which draws together the skills of reading and writing, combined with artistic flair.


After using choral reading to read the poem Warning by Jenny Joseph, focusing on the punctuation to aid the flow, our practitioners disected each stanza to infer meaning. Poetry is a powerful genre which is a great stimulus for writing, often short it’s a genre which we can use to inspire thinking when we’ve got a few minutes before assembly, after lunch or within an extended writing lesson. CLICK HERE – Poetry Archive

Following this, our practitioners used the journaling approach to create visual representations of themselves as practitioners in the year 2046, linked to the theme of the poem.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How could you use journaling in your classroom?

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