Speedy Readers – Feedback

It is now over a year since many schools across Highland began using Speedy Readers to support learners.

The video above has been created by an Australian school to show how they’re using The Literacy Toolbox – Speedy Readers, striving to combat illiteracy.

Charleston Academy, Inverness, made a great video on their work with the software:

We’re looking for enthusiastic practitioners who use Speedy Readers – The Literacy Toolbox to share the following:

  1. One five second clip of the front of the school, focusing mainly on the sign on which the name of the schools appears.
  2. Two 15 second over-the-shoulder shots of a child reading to an adult from a Toolbox printout.
  3. Two 15 second over-the-shoulder shots of a child working at a computer on a Toolbox exercise.
  4. A shot of around one minute  of a teacher explaining which year groups s/he teaches and what its impact has been.

If interested, please email attachments to: eddiecarron@btconnect.com

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