‘Fir for Luck’ – A Great IDL Opportunity

ffl-ebook-cover-final-1Many schools across Highland develop The Highland Clearances as a ‘Historical Context’ using the Highland Council Social Studies Progression. With newly released children’s bestseller, Fir for Luck, from Highland author Barbara Henderson, it’s a great opportunity to build an Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) context around the text to develop Literacy and Social Studies through The Highland Clearances.

The novel offers a fresh insight into 19th century events in Sutherland. Henderson’s Fir for Luck is told in present tense and from a child’s point of view. Fast-paced, based on true events, and with a feisty main character, the novel is designed to feel accessible to a modern audience whilst retaining vivid period detail.


Inverness-based author Barbara Henderson recently launched Fir for Luck at Crown Primary School in Inverness. She has also recently worked with Durness Primary School and has previously supported World Book Day through events such as a ‘Blind Book Date’.

Barbara is able to support schools in developing  their context with events such as:

  • Live Reading workshops
  • Drama workshops
  • Creative Writing workshops
  • Puppetry workshops

Contact Barbara on: scattyscribbler@gmail.com

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