Book Week Scotland – Reading Dares

readingdaresDuring Book Week Scotland, Monday 21st – Sunday 27th November, Scottish Book Trust dare children/young people, their families and YOU to read . . . with a twist.

The Scottish Book Trust have created lesson plan resources to support the introduction of ‘reading dares’ for children and young people. The suggested ‘dares’ range from “Pretend to be a famous book character for a day and see if anyone guesses what you’re doing” in the Primary to “Use a quote from your favourite book in everyday conversation and see if anyone notices!” in the Secondary.


CLICK HERE – Reading Dares for Pupils: Scottish Book Trust

Make it a family affair (including the school family – YES TEACHERS, you can get involved too!) too. There is a great resource for adults to get involved.


CLICK HERE – Reading Dares for Adults: Scottish Book Trust

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