Brainpickings – The Best Children’s Books of 2016

As we’re nearing the end of the year, the Brainpickings blog have posted about their favourite children’s books of 2016.

The Brainpickings ‘The Best Children’s Books of 2016’ list includes 16 great texts which could be used as a stimulus for writing, as a modelled text for teaching reading strategies in a literacy workshop, or as a text for all to enjoy in the classroom! Their unique selection of books are texts which you may find are not already in your classroom.

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CLICK HERE – Brainpickings ‘The Best Children’s Books of 2016’

For more information about each of the texts, click the links below:

CLICK HERE – Cry, Heart, But Never Break
CLICK HERE – The White Cat and the Monk
CLICK HERE – Cloth Lullaby
CLICK HERE – A Child of Books
CLICK HERE – The Day I Became A Bird
CLICK HERE – Pinocchio
CLICK HERE – The Sound of Silence
CLICK HERE – We Found A Hat
CLICK HERE – Daytime Visions
CLICK HERE – Preaching to the Chickens
CLICK HERE – The Polar Bear
CLICK HERE – What Colour is the Wind?
CLICK HERE – The Pancake King
CLICK HERE – Einstein
CLICK HERE – What Can I Be?


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