Writing Exercises

The Writing Exercises site has a number of prompts to support the writing process.

CLICK HERE: Writing Exercises

Check out the following resources for use in the classroom:

From the Children’s Section you can access a number of images in which learners can develop their descriptive vocabulary using images.


CLICK HERE – Random Picture

The Odd Objects section provides a stimulus for discussion which can lead to the writing process.


CLICK HERE – Odd Objects

You can also generate a Random First Line of a story in which learners can continue.


CLICK HERE – Random First Line

The Writing Exercises Main Site can be used to develop more advanced ideas. The Quick Plot Generator provides you with an outline of a creative text.


CLICK HERE – Quick Plot Generator

The Random First Line Generator can spark the beginning of a short story which can be further developed by learners.


CLICK HERE – Random First Line Generator

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